About the Jazz Alliance

The Jazz Alliance is a 17-piece big band organized in 2005 in Raleigh , North Carolina by saxophonist Bill Atchley. The band is comprised of many “first call” professional jazz musicians. We have an extensive library of first class classical and contemporary arrangements. The Jazz Alliance is the "jazz group in-residence" at Meredith College in Raleigh , North Carolina .

The band was organized originally to provide a mechanism for jazz musicians to regularly perform challenging classical and contemporary big band jazz compositions and arrangements. Weekly rehearsals occur on Tuesday evening beginning at 7:30 pm at Meredith College . The group gives regular performances, such as recent concerts performing the music of Count Basie and Buddy Rich.

Performance obligations by the members mean that opportunities to sub for rehearsals and performances occasionally occur. The band maintains a list of interested musicians who can be called upon for rehearsals and performances. Among the prerequisites for inclusion on the sub list is 1) technical ability; and 2) to be responsible about attending rehearsals and being on time. The benefits of the band are many including playing great music, performing with some fine players, and enhancing one's reading chops and musical skills. The best way to play with the group is to contact Bill Atchley.

Current Band Personnel

Leader: Bill Atchley

Saxophones : Aaron Hill (alto), Bill Atchley (alto), Glen Ingram (tenor), Dave Matus (tenor), Ted Thompson (baritone)

Trombones: Joel Leipzig, Bob Gregory, Frank Mesich, George Ellwanger 

Trumpets: Doug Lilly, Eddie Thigpen, Kyle Santos, Ray Doyle

Rhythm: Michael Pelz-Sherman (piano), Stephen Boletchek (bass), Marc Getter (drums), George Knott (guitar)