The Jazz Alliance Orchestra Performs the Music of Buddy Rich

November 4, 2007, Jones Auditoriuim, Meredith College, Raleigh, NC

The files listed below are live recordings from the recent Jazz Alliance public concert of "The Big Band Music of Buddy Rich." The subset of the program linked below included many signature pieces from the Buddy Rich library. The full program is provided in the Concert Program given below.

1. Love for Sale: (Glen Ingram-tenor saxophone; Eddie Thigpen-flugelhorn; Greg Brink-piano)

2. Groovin' Hard: (Greg Brink, piano; Glen Ingram, tenor saxophone)

3. Ya Gotta Try: (Greg Brink, piano; Glen Ingram and Peter Lamb, tenor saxophones)

4. Mexicali Nose: (Dave Albert- drums; Glen Ingram, tenor saxophone)

5. Excerpt from Channel One Suite: (Glen Ingram, tenor saxophone; Tom Leonard, alto saxophone; Paul Rogers, Trumpet; Dave Albert, drums)

6. Stella by Starlight: (Greg Brink, piano; John Bass, bass; Dave Albert, drums)


Buddy Rich Concert Program

Live Recordings from a concert entitled "It's All About the Music"

May 24, 2008, Carswell Recital Hall, Meredith College, Raleigh, NC

1. Sweet Georgia Brown: (David McAllister-piano; Wes Parker-trombone)

2. Foggy Day: (Eddie Thigpen-flugelhorn; Aaron Hill-alto saxophone)

3. Georgia on My Mind: (Kyle Santos-trumpet)

4. 4 5 6: (David McAllister-piano; Eddie Thigpen-flugelhorn; David Matus-tenor saxophone)

5. Dear Old Stockholm: (David Matus-tenor saxophone; Eddie Thigpen-flugelhorn; Bill Atchley-alto saxophone; David McAllister-piano; Joe Izzo-drums)

6. Mr. Lucky: (Eddie Thigpen-Flugelhorn; Glen Ingram-tenor saxophone)

7. Lament: (Wes Parker, Bob Gregory, Frank Mesich, George Ellwanger - trombones; David Allister-piano)

8. Blues in Hoss's Flat: (Kyle Santos-trumpet; Glen Ingram-tenor saxophone; Frank Mesich-trombone; David McAllister-piano; Steve Boletchek-bass)

9. Shuffle In: (Aaron Hill-alto saxophone; Wes Parker-trombone; Tom Leonard-"ewi"; Eddie Thigpen- flugelhorn; Bill Atchley-alto saxophone; David Matus-tenor saxophone)

10. The One Day I Had the Blues: (Bill Atchley-alto saxophone; Wes Parker-trombone; Kyle Santos-trumpet; David Matus-tenor saxophone)

11. Jumpin' at the Woodside: (David McAllister-piano; Kyle Santos-trumpet; Glen Ingram-tenor saxophone; Wes Parker-trombone; Aaron Hill-alto saxophone; Joe Izzo-drums)

Program for the Concert



Below are some live recordings made by trombonist Joel Leipzig at a 2007 informal rehearsal.

1. Main street news (Jim Martin): Solos: Peter Lamb, Dave McAllister

2. Time after time: (arr. Don Schamber): Solos: Mike Minguez, Eddie Thigpen

3. C-Jam Blues (Duke Ellington - the original 1942 arrangement): Solos: Dave McAllister, Eddie Thigpen, Peter Lamb, Joe Poran, Mike Minguez.


Personnel on the recording

Saxophones : Steve Rose (Lead alto, flute, piccolo), Mike Minguez (alto, clarinet), Peter Lamb (tenor), Joe Poran (tenor), Bill Atchley (baritone)

Trombones: Joel Leipzig (Lead), Bob Gregory, George Ellwanger, Scott Abernathy 

Trumpets: Jerry Bowers (Lead), Don Eagle, Ben Shaw. Eddie Thigpen (flugelhorn)

Rhythm: Dave McAllister (piano), John Bass (bass), Chip Riedeburg (drums), Adam Lewis (guitar)